I want to make the small large, the invisible visible.


A human self is found somewhere, or everywhere in the body. Is the self found in every cell in the body? Or only in certain cells. Where in my body am I?


I see contrasts and joints. Between large and small, soft and hard, what grows, spreads out, become larger, falls apart and dies. Between the bodily, perishable, volatile which is barely seen and my material, the stone that is and will remain. The stone has always been here, long before me and far after me. Stable, tangible, durable. It is mineral and rock, time and space.

Does the stone have a self? Can I be found in the stone?


I want to be stable, tangible, durable. Rock and mineral, time and space.


Frida Svensson is currently a master student in Medium-and material based art at the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo, Khio. Frida works with metal and stone as her main materials. Very often in combination with soft materials and textile techniques.

Since childhood she has a deep interest in the small ans almost invisible things; plankton, cells, seeds. Contrasts and combinations are important in her work.

Between 2008–2010 she studied at Gothenburg art school, and there she came in contact (and fell in love) with stone sculpturing for the first time. Since then she is a member of the stone department at the collective artist workshop, KKV, in Bohuslän.

Frida Svensson has attended group exhibitions in Gothenburg and Bohuslän, Rottneros park in Värmland, Österbybruk north of Uppsala and latest at Lokstallarna in Malmö in may 2023. In 2018 she had a solo exhibition at Galleri Konstepidemin in Gothenburg.

Frida Svensson